What Is PQQ And What Are The Benefits

What Is PQQ And What Are The Benefits

  • History Of PQQ

PQQ, also commonly called methoxatin, is known as a redox cofactor. At one time PQQ considered a vitamin and was originally found naturally in soil. Particular foods are known to help in the development of new mitochondria cells. The human body produces these cells naturally and can be found in human tissue and also in bodily fluids.

  • Controversy Concerning PQQ- Is It Considered A Vitamin Or Not?

PQQ was initially discovered by J.G. Hauge as a third redox cofactor and Hague in 1979 identified its molecular structure. Since Hague’s findings in 1979, several reports have been made saying PQQ was a vitamin. The scientific journal, Nature, published these reports made by fellow scientists, Kasahara and Kato. In 2005, scientists Anthony and Fenton stated the the 2003 findings by Kasahara and Kato were false and PQQ was not a vitamin. As recent as 2018, a article appeared in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences identifying PQQ as a vitamin for human longevity necessary for long term health.

  • PQQ Benefits

Moderate inflammation is the body’s normal response to fight off any chance of infections in the body. This is the body’s immune system at work. However, if acute inflammation develops into chronic inflammation the results can be devastating on that person’s health. Commonly it is medically believed that inflammation is the base of human disease.

According to Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, PQQ supplements decreased markers of inflammation after just three days of taking PQQ supplements.

  • Makes Your Brain Smarter

Even though one of the popular uses of PQQ is to give a person more boost and stamina, research has also found PQQ may increase brain power. Studies as recent as 2016 have found PQQ increases blood flow to the brain. The increased blood flow could help the older generation with overall cogitative decline and dementia.

  • A Person Could Live A Longer Life

What other benefits can PQQ give the average individual? We have discussed improvements in brain function, prevention of diseases, and overall increase in energy. Want to live a longer, healthier life? Recent animal studies have shown that the animal’s oxidative stress was reduced and increase lifespans developed in the animals that were tested.

Of course, remember current research has been limited to animal studies and test tube research. More studies are needed on humans to determine the validity of longer lifespans in humans.

  • Benefis

1. Overall relief of inflammation
2. Brain Function Improvement
3. Oxidative Stress Reduced
4. Extension of Life Span(not tested in humans as of present)
5. Mechanical Function Improves
6. Cholesterol Reduction
7. Better Quality of Sleep

  • Uses Of PQQ

1. Heart Health- PQQ can aid in reduction in cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol levels reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke. Some studies have also found a reduction in triglyceride levels also.

2. Disease Prevention – PQQ fights free radicals which causes a reduction in oxidative stress. In a recent test tube study, PQQ was found to be effective in the destruction of leukemia cells.

3. Weight Loss – Because of PQQ effects on energy levels, PQQ naturally can help a person lose excess pounds. In rat studies, PQQ increase the metabolism of rats.

4. Increased Energy – Increased energy is one of the primary uses of PQQ. In addition to improved sleep quality, increased energy is a natural by product of any individual good night of quality sleep.

5. Improved Brain Power – PQQ can improve blood flow to the brain and help improve a person’s memory.

6. A Natural Sleep Aid – In a eight week sleep studies with individuals taking PQQ supplements it was found to increase a person’s sleep duration, decrease sleepiness upon a person waking up, and lower the amount of time it takes a person to fall asleep.

  • Your Best Natural Sources For PQQ


PQQ can be found in many common fruits, vegetables, and some fermented foods.

1. Natto
2. Parsley
3. Kiwi
4. Green Pepper
5. Papaya
6. Spinach
7. Carrot
8. Miso
9. Potato
10. Sweet Potato
11. Cabbage
12. Banana
13. Tomato
14. Egg Yolk
15. Orange
16. Celery

  • The Best Candidate For PQQ Supplements

If you are an individual who wants to enhance his or her health and prevent chronic disease, using PQQ supplements and developing a diet full of natural PQQ would be a great start! Purchase PQQ today.

So if you are looking to start taking PQQ supplements, what is the proper dosage to take? Most adults can take dosages between 20 to 40 milligrams a day safely. As with any supplements or medications, avoid very high doses to prevent negative health issues.

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