What Is PQQ And What Are The Benefits

What Is PQQ And What Are The Benefits

  • History Of PQQ

PQQ, also commonly called methoxatin, is known as a redox cofactor. At one time PQQ considered a vitamin and was originally found naturally in soil. Particular foods are known to help in the development of new mitochondria cells. The human body produces these cells naturally and can be found in human tissue and also in bodily fluids.

  • Controversy Concerning PQQ- Is It Considered A Vitamin Or Not?

PQQ was initially discovered by J.G. Hauge as a third redox cofactor and Hague in 1979 identified its molecular structure. Since Hague’s findings in 1979, several reports have been made saying PQQ was a vitamin. The scientific journal, Nature, published these reports made by fellow scientists, Kasahara and Kato. In 2005, scientists Anthony and Fenton stated the the 2003 findings by Kasahara and Kato were false and PQQ was not a vitamin. As recent as 2018, a article appeared in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences identifying PQQ as a vitamin for human longevity necessary for long term health.

  • PQQ Benefits

Moderate inflammation is the body’s normal response to fight off any chance of infections in the body. This is the body’s immune system at work. However, if acute inflammation develops into chronic inflammation the results can be devastating on that person’s health. Commonly it is medically believed that inflammation is the base of human disease.

According to Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, PQQ supplements decreased markers of inflammation after just three days of taking PQQ supplements.

  • Makes Your Brain Smarter

Even though one of the popular uses of PQQ is to give a person more boost and stamina, research has also found PQQ may increase brain power. Studies as recent as 2016 have found PQQ increases blood flow to the brain. The increased blood flow could help the older generation with overall cogitative decline and dementia.

  • A Person Could Live A Longer Life

What other benefits can PQQ give the average individual? We have discussed improvements in brain function, prevention of diseases, and overall increase in energy. Want to live a longer, healthier life? Recent animal studies have shown that the animal’s oxidative stress was reduced and increase lifespans developed in the animals that were tested.

Of course, remember current research has been limited to animal studies and test tube research. More studies are needed on humans to determine the validity of longer lifespans in humans.

  • Benefis

1. Overall relief of inflammation
2. Brain Function Improvement
3. Oxidative Stress Reduced
4. Extension of Life Span(not tested in humans as of present)
5. Mechanical Function Improves
6. Cholesterol Reduction
7. Better Quality of Sleep

  • Uses Of PQQ

1. Heart Health- PQQ can aid in reduction in cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol levels reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke. Some studies have also found a reduction in triglyceride levels also.

2. Disease Prevention – PQQ fights free radicals which causes a reduction in oxidative stress. In a recent test tube study, PQQ was found to be effective in the destruction of leukemia cells.

3. Weight Loss – Because of PQQ effects on energy levels, PQQ naturally can help a person lose excess pounds. In rat studies, PQQ increase the metabolism of rats.

4. Increased Energy – Increased energy is one of the primary uses of PQQ. In addition to improved sleep quality, increased energy is a natural by product of any individual good night of quality sleep.

5. Improved Brain Power – PQQ can improve blood flow to the brain and help improve a person’s memory.

6. A Natural Sleep Aid – In a eight week sleep studies with individuals taking PQQ supplements it was found to increase a person’s sleep duration, decrease sleepiness upon a person waking up, and lower the amount of time it takes a person to fall asleep.

  • Your Best Natural Sources For PQQ


PQQ can be found in many common fruits, vegetables, and some fermented foods.

1. Natto
2. Parsley
3. Kiwi
4. Green Pepper
5. Papaya
6. Spinach
7. Carrot
8. Miso
9. Potato
10. Sweet Potato
11. Cabbage
12. Banana
13. Tomato
14. Egg Yolk
15. Orange
16. Celery

  • The Best Candidate For PQQ Supplements

If you are an individual who wants to enhance his or her health and prevent chronic disease, using PQQ supplements and developing a diet full of natural PQQ would be a great start! Purchase PQQ today.

So if you are looking to start taking PQQ supplements, what is the proper dosage to take? Most adults can take dosages between 20 to 40 milligrams a day safely. As with any supplements or medications, avoid very high doses to prevent negative health issues.

Why Are We So Stressed Out?

The emergence and rapid spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and the seemingly endless media reports of the devastation associated with said ailment has increased the stress levels of many people over the last several weeks. Unfortunately, however, numerous individuals face intense stress even when the world is not contending with quarantines and social distancing. The following article attempts to answer why this is the case.

Personal Responsibilities

Many people are saddled with a variety of personal responsibilities. Parenting is arguably the toughest job anyone can have. Ensuring one’s children remain healthy, make good decisions and mature into reputable adults is an ongoing worry. Additionally, others may be responsible for the welfare of aging parents.

Professional Pressure

Those who hold any type of job faces at least a certain degree of pressure on a regular basis. Issues like deadlines, complicated tasks and demanding superiors often render one’s vocational life stressful.

Financial Struggles

Many people live paycheck to paycheck. Even those fortunate enough to possess some degree of financial security live with the knowledge that they are one bad break away from potentially serious financial problems.

Life Circumstances

Even during the best of times, individuals face everyday pressures. However, mostly everyone will face challenging, altered or unexpected life circumstances from time to time. Difficult occasions like the declining health or death of a family member or other close relation, divorce, marriage and having children can place additional and, in some cases, immediate new demands upon the shoulders of impacted persons.

Past Trauma

Unfortunately, certain subjects cope with the added stress related to experiencing traumatic events associated with being victimized by accidents or criminal activity.

Mental Illness

Sometimes stress is precipitated by mental illnesses like social disorders, anxiety and depression.


Some people live in fear of potential traumatic events like terrorism or potentially detrimental natural phenomena like earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. Moreover, it is worth reiterating the fear and panic numerous individuals are currently living with due to the proliferation of the Coronavirus has precipitated paralyzing fright.

Personal Perceptions

Individual perception could have a significant impact upon one’s stress levels. Two people facing an identical situation might interpret said circumstances differently based upon their beliefs. For example, the same two subjects could wake up to find their car has a flat tire. The individual who adopts the “it could have been worse” attitude and quickly remediates the problem is less likely to feel stress about the situation. However, another person could adopt the philosophy that said event is the worst thing that could happen to anyone often increases their stress levels dramatically.

Comparison And Unrealistic Expectations

Countless individuals experience self-imposed stress thanks to comparing themselves to others and establishing unrealistic expectations. In many instances, persons demonstrate a tendency to compare themselves to others and yearn to have all their dreams come true overnight

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What is ashwagandha?

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha has been used in a certain form of eastern medicine, the Ayurvedic tradition, for centuries as a cure-all remedy. Modern science has begun to shine some light on the potential benefits of this herb. Its name means horse breath in its original language and is named so because of its unique smell. It also was said to give people the vitality of a horse.

Science has begun to suggest that this unique plant does have the ability to help reduce your anxiety and stress levels. This has many health benefits that can increase your vitality and even your testosterone levels if they are below healthy levels.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

The primary benefits of this supplement seem to stem from its anxiolytics properties. An anxiolytic is a substance or compound that promotes anxiety reduction and feelings of relaxation.

The source of these properties seems to most directly relate to the reduction in cortisol levels that follows the administration of the witholanide compounds found within the plant. Cortisol functions as the endocrine systems primary stress response messenger molecule.
Possible Side Effects of Ashwagandha

To date, there have been no serious reactions or fatalities associated with the use of this compound at any dose. Some users have reported experiencing feelings of drowsiness and sedation after using especially with higher dosage levels.

Effects Supported by Studies

How Does Ashwagandha Work?

Ashwagandha seems to primarily exert its action through the class of compounds known as witholanides that are found in high concentrations within the leaves of the plant. There are standardized extracts of these compounds available for purchase and these are the compound that most of the scientific studies have used when studying the plant. There are several different molecules within the class of compounds and while it is possible that they each possess unique mechanisms of action further study is necessary to further elucidate the details. We have had great luck with Pure Nootropics with this products.

The plant has been used since ancient times for a variety of reasons. There are many good reasons to use it today. If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms associated with aging or feel that you could use a good vitality boost this is a great supplement to try. There is solid scientific data that supports many of the benefits.

Benefits of Mouthwash

Having good oral hygiene is important for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons to have good oral hygiene is because it can directly impact your cardiovascular system.  New studies have come out with information that shows the population of bacteria you have in your mouth is just as important as the population you have in your gut.  It is often called a microbiome when referring to the intestinal bacterial population, and its oral counterpart is called an oral microbiome.

A microbiome describes all the bacteria that are present in your intestinal system or your mouth.  It encompasses both the good and bad bacteria.  Having an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria means that you can have health issues if the good bacteria is unable to keep up with the bad bacteria.  If the bad bacteria proliferates and ends up taking up the majority of the bacterial population, problems with digestion can occur.

Likewise, if bad bacteria is allowed to take over the oral microbiome, it can cause a variety of problems.  It is so in tune with the cardiovascular system that a new study has found out that it also impacts your blood pressure directly.  The oral bacteria can determine whether your blood pressure will be normal or not because it works directly with nitric oxide, a chemical which controls and regulates blood pressure.

To test this hypothesis, the scientists who worked on this study decided to have participants exercise and use mouthwash, while a group of people exercised without using mouthwash.  They were trying to find out why blood pressure is lower after you exercise.  They found out that the people who used mouthwash didn’t have their blood pressure readings after exercise as low as the other group.

What happened?

The mouthwash wiped out all the bacteria in the mouth, for a short time.  Without having the good and bad bacteria in the mouth, they were unable to influence and lower the blood pressure.  It’s unlikely that you will need to adjust anything about your exercise routine or how you use mouthwash, but it did point scientists in a new direction and make it easier to understand how the oral microbiome works.

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Picking a tent for your outdoor wedding

6 Factors to Consider for your Wedding Tent

When deciding on a tent for your wedding there are several factors to consider:

1. Location
Start at the wedding site. You and a representative from the tent rental company should meet at the location and determine if there are any limitations to the tent due to the site. The installer will provide recommendations on a good location for the tent, but in general you will want to place it in the flattest part of the site. Take into consideration water and electric lines, trees, or other limitations.

You should have the tent company stake the exact placement so you can see where the tent will be situated at the venue. Consider walking distance to restrooms, the parking lot and other amenities. If you have older guests, or ones that have difficulty walking, keep in mind the easiest way they can access the tent. You may need to have golf carts or other options available to take guests to and from their cars.

2. Usage
You will need to determine what will be taking place under the tent during your wedding. A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What will take place under the tent?
  • Will the tent be used for the ceremony, cocktails or full reception?
  • Will your dinner be served or buffet style?
  • Will you have a bar?
  • Will you need to accommodate a dance floor?
  • Will you be having a band or DJ? If you are having a band, how much room will they require?
  • Will you have a cake or gift table?
  • Will you need power?

If your reception is under the tent you will want to meet with the caterer to understand what amenities they will need. They will likely need a power source for the bar, food stations or refrigerators.

3. Time of day
Determine the time of your wedding. If you are having an evening or night event you will need lights under your tent. Depending on the time of year you should account for heating or fans to circulate air.

4. Site or county requirements
Some locations will require a permit or special accommodations. You will need to determine if there are any venue or town requirements that dictate emergency exit signs, fire extinguishers or other safety requirements that you will need to have included with the tent.

5. Size
The size of the tent you need will be dictated by the activities taking place under the tent.

A general rule of thumb is:
• a 20′ x 40′ tent can hold 100 guests seated theater style with an aisle or 64 seated guests at 8’ round tables.
• a 30′ x 60′ tent could hold 245 guests seated theater style with an aisle or 144 seated at 8’ round tables.
• a 40′ x 60′ tent could hold 300 guests seated theater style with an aisle or 180 seated at 8’ round tables.

Additional space will be needed to accommodate a bar, band, cake table, dance floor and other activities that will be part of your event.

6. Tent styles
There are several tent styles available at Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events.
Pop-up canopy
A pop-up tent is a small, lightweight tent that is easy to transport and set up. It provides a simple option for protection from light rain or sun. This would be an option if you want your wedding party to be under a tent during the ceremony.

Pole tent
A pole tent is an economic choice. They have center poles in the middle of the tent. Due to the stakes pole tents are typically installed on grass. Poles are can be hidden using fabric and pole skirts for an elegant event. One disadvantage of pole tents are they require a larger space to accommodate installation stakes and the poles can sometimes obstruct views inside the tent.

Cross cable frame tent
A cross cable frame tent differs from a pole tent in that it doesn’t need center poles for additional support. Since this tent doesn’t require staking it can be installed on concrete, pavement, patios, decks or other hard surfaces. These tents have no center poles which means there are no obstructions. They have dramatic high peaks and are designed to hold up to higher amounts of wind. The biggest advantage of this type of tent is that it provides a clear and unobstructed view from all points within the tent.

Sailcloth tent
As the name implies a sailcloth tent was inspired by a nautical theme. The tent uses sailcloth material instead of vinyl. They are available in both pole and frame versions. The pole tent is commonly available in two different heights and many vendors use a higher end wood pole option.

Tension tent
Tension tents are a great option if you need a longer-term installation or are concerned about weather. These tents require no ropes or stake lines and instead use a tension sidewall system. The strong aluminum frame gives extra protection against weather and high winds.

An Amazing Fundraiser event with Inflatables and Dunk Tanks

How to Use Inflatables and Dunk Tanks to Liven up Your Next Fundraiser Event

The time has come and you are planning an upcoming fundraiser event. Tactically incorporating inflatables and dunk tanks can benefit the outcome of the fundraiser considerably. By having activities such as these you can charge an admission fee to participate. Dunk tanks are common crowd-pleasers at any event. I think I speak for most people especially adults when I say that it is very enjoyable to watch people get dunked in a tank. Having a dunk tank and inflatables pleases the younger crowd and the older crowd. When you aim to please both parties, you more than likely will have a positive outcome at the end of the fundraiser.

What Inflatables Can Bring to the Table

Inflatables can greatly benefit a fundraiser event. There are various companies out there that offer a variety of inflatables in all shapes and sizes. Some offer a boxing ring or a fun obstacle course. It is very important to be open to inflatables that aren’t just bouncing castles. Kids will enjoy inflatables that give them more to interact with and not just jump around. Hosting a carnival-type fundraiser is very popular always a crowd-pleaser too (“How Inflatables Will Increase Attendance at Fundraising Events”, 2019). Carnivals are a common and fun event that people love attending while it is in town. Adults want to enjoy these events just as much as they want their kids to. Parents will thank you for having activities such as inflatables for children because parents need a little break from their toddlers.

Any kind of fundraiser should aim to occupy children. Parents knowing their children are preoccupied and safe are able to angle their focus on your fundraiser. On the other hand, inflatables, such as water slide rentals in Albuquerque, are not just for children. Adults want to get in on some of the fun too. It is very possible to rent inflatable cash booths where you can collect donations or some cash flow event. It is also possible to rent inflatable sports cages and sports tunnels as well. By having inflatables such as these ones brings more attention to your fundraiser. When people drive by they will see the inflatables and the people surrounding them. This makes them want to see what this event is all about. Inflatables not only entertain people but they grab people’s attention and that is what is crucial for a successful fundraiser.

How Dunk Tanks Generate Cash Flow Considerably

Numerous companies that offer inflatables often offer dunk tanks as well, and although it is possible to build your own dunk tank it is recommended to rent a dunk tank that is safe and has been used for dunking people in the past. Where to locate the dunk tank is very important because you want to position it in an area where people are walking by continuously. You want to stop people in their tracks and reel them into the dunk tank event and have them participate. To generate some revenue it is useful to charge a fee to participate such as a small fee for a few balls. A dunk tank holds about 500 gallons of water and it will continuously need more water throughout the day, (“Dunk Tank-FI”, 2019). If you are familiar with how much water comes out every time someone is dunked then you understand the reason to have a reliable source of water to refill the tank with (“Dunk Tank-FI”, 2019). Also, make sure to take all safety precautions for this specific event.

To keep the mood light and fun at all times you want to ensure that people are safe. As long as the volunteers can swim the fun will continue until the end. We all know how curious children can be so it is very important to never leave the tank unattended. Next, you do not want the people who are getting wet to get too cold so it is always good to have a lot of towels for them. Often when choosing people to dunk it is good to have the crowd involved in that decision making. If the fundraiser is for a school, a teacher can get dunked or if it’s for a business the boss can choose to be dunked. This route will generate a good profit in the end but will also bring a lot of entertainment because when a crowd wants specific people dunked they’re going to spend as much money as they can in order to get that person in the tank. Visit a reputable party rental company like Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


At last, make sure the day of your fundraiser is set to have good weather. That is always going to affect how the fundraiser will go. If you host a fundraiser and it is supposed to rain, people may not go out as much that day. On the contrary, if it is hot you can set up tents that provide shade for people but if it is colder then you definitely want to have more towels on hand for the people getting dunked in the tank. Choosing the perfect day will allow everyone to enjoy the fundraiser and generate a big profit at the end.

Child care for first responders during a pandemic

Child care for first responders during a pandemic

When the country faces a pandemic, first responders are the people to act immediately being that they are trained to respond to emergencies like so. A pandemic is the spread of disease and infection around the country and world. Police officers, emergency medical technicians like doctors and nurses, public works, military personnel, and any other trained members of an organization are known as first responders. A pandemic has first responders working around the clock and long hours to assist in helping in the emergency. Those who have children are not going to be able to attend to them and that is why child care for first responders during a pandemic is available.

First responders are putting their safety at risk when helping in pandemics, or any emergency as a whole. They are the ones who should be receiving the benefits of child care first because they are the ones who are dedicating their time to the country and the world first, not their own family. First responders are brave people who should be honored for their involvement in assisting in pandemics and or any other emergencies our world has to face.

For the first reconsiders who have children; preschools, learning centers, and daycare centers will be available. When pandemics arise, child care providers are aware that first responders are not going to be able to be home to take care of their children. Child care providers step up to the plate when pandemics occur and help the first responders in taking care of their children when needed. Child care providers know the importance of their duties and without hesitation, provide the care to the children that need it the most in times of emergency.

When disease and infection spreads, child care providers are putting their own health at risk because the first responders could have caught the disease and infected their children. For some diseases and infections, symptoms do not show for multiple days so the child could be infected and not even know it. Child care center in Albuquerque should keep the spaces they hold first responder children, whether that be a preschool, learning center, or daycare center, as clean as possible. Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and a plethora of soap should be present in these centers.

One of the best ways to stop the spread of disease and infection is to wash your hands and stop touching your face. If the centers for children during pandemics keep the areas clean and push the importance of washing hands and social distancing, the spread of any virus can be decreased and even stopped. First responders during a pandemic are being exposed to disease and infection on a daily basis but also take the protective measures. If they are unlucky and still catch a disease or infection on the job, they should also take the necessary steps in preventing possible spread to their children. Especially if first responder children are going to daycare and learning centers where their children will be around other children. Visit Learning Tree Academy for more information.

First responders are the ones who get primary access to child care, but other essential workers who are in need of child care services are considered as well. Local states and governments, depending on where you live, are putting together child care safety nets. Eligibility is of course limited during a pandemic. Many parents want to keep their children at home during a pandemic to prevent infection, but for some workers like first responders, they do not have that option.

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