An Amazing Fundraiser event with Inflatables and Dunk Tanks

How to Use Inflatables and Dunk Tanks to Liven up Your Next Fundraiser Event

The time has come and you are planning an upcoming fundraiser event. Tactically incorporating inflatables and dunk tanks can benefit the outcome of the fundraiser considerably. By having activities such as these you can charge an admission fee to participate. Dunk tanks are common crowd-pleasers at any event. I think I speak for most people especially adults when I say that it is very enjoyable to watch people get dunked in a tank. Having a dunk tank and inflatables pleases the younger crowd and the older crowd. When you aim to please both parties, you more than likely will have a positive outcome at the end of the fundraiser.

What Inflatables Can Bring to the Table

Inflatables can greatly benefit a fundraiser event. There are various companies out there that offer a variety of inflatables in all shapes and sizes. Some offer a boxing ring or a fun obstacle course. It is very important to be open to inflatables that aren’t just bouncing castles. Kids will enjoy inflatables that give them more to interact with and not just jump around. Hosting a carnival-type fundraiser is very popular always a crowd-pleaser too (“How Inflatables Will Increase Attendance at Fundraising Events”, 2019). Carnivals are a common and fun event that people love attending while it is in town. Adults want to enjoy these events just as much as they want their kids to. Parents will thank you for having activities such as inflatables for children because parents need a little break from their toddlers.

Any kind of fundraiser should aim to occupy children. Parents knowing their children are preoccupied and safe are able to angle their focus on your fundraiser. On the other hand, inflatables, such as water slide rentals in Albuquerque, are not just for children. Adults want to get in on some of the fun too. It is very possible to rent inflatable cash booths where you can collect donations or some cash flow event. It is also possible to rent inflatable sports cages and sports tunnels as well. By having inflatables such as these ones brings more attention to your fundraiser. When people drive by they will see the inflatables and the people surrounding them. This makes them want to see what this event is all about. Inflatables not only entertain people but they grab people’s attention and that is what is crucial for a successful fundraiser.

How Dunk Tanks Generate Cash Flow Considerably

Numerous companies that offer inflatables often offer dunk tanks as well, and although it is possible to build your own dunk tank it is recommended to rent a dunk tank that is safe and has been used for dunking people in the past. Where to locate the dunk tank is very important because you want to position it in an area where people are walking by continuously. You want to stop people in their tracks and reel them into the dunk tank event and have them participate. To generate some revenue it is useful to charge a fee to participate such as a small fee for a few balls. A dunk tank holds about 500 gallons of water and it will continuously need more water throughout the day, (“Dunk Tank-FI”, 2019). If you are familiar with how much water comes out every time someone is dunked then you understand the reason to have a reliable source of water to refill the tank with (“Dunk Tank-FI”, 2019). Also, make sure to take all safety precautions for this specific event.

To keep the mood light and fun at all times you want to ensure that people are safe. As long as the volunteers can swim the fun will continue until the end. We all know how curious children can be so it is very important to never leave the tank unattended. Next, you do not want the people who are getting wet to get too cold so it is always good to have a lot of towels for them. Often when choosing people to dunk it is good to have the crowd involved in that decision making. If the fundraiser is for a school, a teacher can get dunked or if it’s for a business the boss can choose to be dunked. This route will generate a good profit in the end but will also bring a lot of entertainment because when a crowd wants specific people dunked they’re going to spend as much money as they can in order to get that person in the tank. Visit a reputable party rental company like Amazing Jumps, Tents, & Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


At last, make sure the day of your fundraiser is set to have good weather. That is always going to affect how the fundraiser will go. If you host a fundraiser and it is supposed to rain, people may not go out as much that day. On the contrary, if it is hot you can set up tents that provide shade for people but if it is colder then you definitely want to have more towels on hand for the people getting dunked in the tank. Choosing the perfect day will allow everyone to enjoy the fundraiser and generate a big profit at the end.

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