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Want beautiful Cross Stitch and Needlepoint?


Then Stay Away From the Back Button!

Because if you lack the desire, time or talent to stitch them yourself, consider having the work done by a Professional Stitching Service. In a room decorated with photos, paintings or Cross Stitch and Needlepoint, which would you find most interesting? Cross Stitch and Needlepoint pieces are true works of art.


You will find three pages about our Stitching Service, not just for Cross Stitch and Needlepoint, but also several other types of needlework. Should you need a custom Cross Stitch or Needlepoint pattern designed that consists of wording, extensive information on having a "one of a kind" chart made is also available.


The Main Subjects On This Web Site Are:


Cross Stitch and Needlepoint Stitching Service

Stitching Service is our primary focus. The first page starts with offering you a quick overview or a text only printable copy of all the information, including a price list. 



Samples? You Bet!

Okay, so the first thing you may notice is that none of us has taken a Photography Course. That said, the stitching skill level shown on these projects is something to see!



Model Stitching Information for Designers

This page contains issues of interest to Needlework Designers.



Made to Order Custom Patterns

Here you will find information on having a Cross Stitch or Needlepoint pattern made to your specifications. For a very reasonable cost, your wording can be designed in any size with a nice selection of borders.



How to Join the World’s Best Needlers

There are several steps involved. The first thing to do is click this link and read the Join Us page.



Where Did GhostStitchers Come From?

A Cross Stitch and Needlepoint Stitching Service truly is unique. If you’re the inquisitive type, this article tells all.



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